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Custom Canvas Wall Art Personalized Stretched Wall Canvas Wall Decal

Custom Canvas Wall Art Personalized Stretched Wall Canvas

$ 18.95

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A stretched canvas wall print will not only add a touch of class
to any room in your home, it's also sure to capture those priceless memories
to be shared with family and friends.


Upon purchase we'll send you an ebay message containing our email address, where you can then attach and send us your image of choice.


In order to ensure your canvas print is successful,
here are a few helpful tips:

When it comes to the right photograph, essentially you'll get out what you put in.
When speaking in terms of a digital image, the higher the resolution the more crisp,
sharp and detailed your print will be. Some may think a low quality image can be
enhanced and modified into a high resolution file, which is just not the case. 

The following are some guidelines for digital images:

a.) Use an image larger than 2MB in size.  You most likely will want to
set your camera on it's highest setting.

b.) Be sure to submit an image between 180-300 DPI (Dots Per Inch)
or sometimes referred to as (Pixels Per Inch).
c.)  Be sure and submit an image
at least 1800x1800 pixels in size.

d.)  Try to limit or avoid using the "zoom" feature as it can reduce the resolution of
your image and diminish or affect the quality of the final product.

e.)   Make sure your photo has proper lighting and be sure to get as
close as possible to the subject or image so it fills up the shot.

f.) If you're uncertain and have a question, feel free to message us and we'll get back to you ASAP.

One of the benefits of ordering your Canvas Wall Print with us is, we will send you an email proof of your image typically within 48 hours so you can review and approve before processing.  Upon receipt of your approval, your order will be processed and promptly shipped.

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